The World of Prim:

Shorty’s Avengers

This campaign is currently under construction

The Road to Jarquis is a light-hearted campaign run between four five friends, based around the adventuring group called Shorty’s Avengers and their adventures in the world of Prim:

* Byranaetr Lophoria, an Eladrin Wizard from the city of Astrazalian in the Feywild. She has such a penchant for shiny things she ended up imprisoned in the material world of Prim. As she was the first to leave the prison transport cart, she can claim the title of First Avenger.
* Munchkin, Dragonborn Warlard (yes, Warlard) and “Leader” of the group. He has allergies; don’t let him hide under a bed, as his severe dust allergies have been known to take out buildings. He was the second to leave the prison transport cart, making him the Second Avenger.
* Fylphi, a Half-Elf Rogue and master of disguise. It is unknown why he was imprisoned in Wintermist Penitentiary along with Munchkin and Byranaetr, but as he was to last of the three to leave the cart he can claim the title of Third Avenger. The character of Fylphi is currently on a sabatical, helping things along from the shadows, while his Player is the incumbent DM.
* Betty, a prototype Warforged Warden of questionable origin in a constant Form of the Raging Bull. That means he’s cow-shaped. And really angry at cows. As such, he has previous form with cattle and the farmers of cattle. Can claim the title of Fourth Avenger. The Player that runs Betty was the DM of Shorty’s Avengers for the first adventure, before Fylphi took the mantle of DM.
* The Belgos, a Drow Ranger from Erelhei-Cinlu. Fought in many wars and contracted Viral Amnesia somewhere along the way. Likes cheese. Often refers to himself in the third-person, eg. “…is that cheese? It may interest you to know that the Belgos likes cheese.” Joined the group in the Seven-Pillared Hall, making him the Fifth Avenger.

The Avengers are not an open group, nor do they ever expect to be. This is mostly just a workspace to help a forgetful DM to chronicle various characters and events. Currently planning the return to the adventure now that Byranaetr has finished studying at Astrazalian’s Grand College for the Arcane.

For some information, take a look at our wiki. There are a few helpful pages there, although most of the data that should be there is stored in Fylphi’s Brain.

Shorty's Avengers

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