The Fourth Avenger; a Warden Warforged ... cow.


Full Name: Betty the Amazing Gigantic Metal Cow, To-Daye Only, A Must See for Peoples Of All Ages!
Alias/es: Betty
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Warforged Cow
Class: Warden
Alignment: Evil
Languages: Common; Bovine; Binary
Wearing: Cow-print Darkleaf Hide Armour
Weapon/s: Warhammer
Carrying: N/A


Betty, a prototype Warforged warden cow whose true origin is unknown, although it is likely the bulk of his kind were made as soldiers by the Nerathi empire for either the war against Karkath of for use in the Bloodspear War. He joined Shorty’s Avengers in Winterhavenholdfell as Fylphi left after being used as a mule by an old blind merchant that thought he was a cow. Has been previously incarcerated after an altercation with a farmer of mammals of the bovine variety.


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