Madame Byranaetr Lophoria

The First Avenger; an Eladrin wizard from Astrazalian


Full Name: Madame Byranaetr Lophoria
Alias/es: Bryony
Age: 54 (looks 20ish)
Gender: Female
Race: Eladrin
Class: Wizard
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Languages: Common; Elven
Wearing: Fireburst Cloth Robes; Stolen Silk Dress; Patent Leather Pumps
Weapon/s: Magic Orb; Narcissa
Carrying: Spellbook; Dagger


Byranaetr Lophoria studied at Astrazalian’s Grand College for the Arcane, where she uncovered a treacherous plot by the College Peerage to bring down the Eladrin nobility of Astrazalian. The perpetrators of the dastardly plan expelled her from the Grand College and used their political might to bring down the Lophoria family and exiled them from the Feywild, postponing their plan until the fallout had cleared. She then took the blame when her mother was caught stealing a loaf of bread, and was imprisoned in Prim’s Wintermist Penitentiary.

Achieved the title of the First Avenger by exiting the Wintermist Pen. Transport Cart first and witnessing the corpse of Shorty.

Walked to Winterhavenholdfell with Sergeant Suom’Beth “Munchkin” Letrah of Clan Warbringer and Fylphi where she was sold by Munchkin to the Lord Ernest “DCBwtC” Padraig for 100gp for “one night’s fun”. She accompanied the Lord back to his “Love Nest” and proceded to ply him with alcohol until he passed out. She then stole a great deal of expensive equipment from his “Love Nest” and returned to the Wrafton Inn. After escaping the burning Inn, they ventured into the nearby Shadowfell Keep where Byranaetr insisted on Feystepping into rooms with Goblins and Zombies with no way out. She helped defeat Karamac and foil his plot to open the rift with her arcane might.

Investigated Kobold Hall at the request of Nimozoran the Green and rescued Splug and Ninaran from Irontooth and Ironclaw, the Kobold Twins, before defeating their master Szartharrax the Young White.

Madame Byranaetr Lophoria

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