Angigendarralliphor'frin IV

A drow Merchant trading in Saruun Khel's Seven-Pillared Hall


Full Name: Angigendarralliphor’frin IV
Alias/es: Gendar
Age: 149
Gender: Male
Race: Drow
Class: Rogue (Assassin)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Languages: Common; Elven; Goblin; Dwarven


Angigendarralliphor’frin IV was born into the ruling family of Erelhei-Cinlu shortly before the fall of Nerath. By Drow law his sisters would take the throne before him, yet the infighting rife in Drow culture tore his family from the mortal coil as the halls of Nerath fell and, after only three months as ruler, he was exiled from the City of the Shallows into the burning world above. He shunned his royal name of “Angigendarralliphor’frin IV” and took the shortened version “Gendar”.

He set his sights on the legendary ruin of Nether-Jarquis to pursue a career in guerrilla warfare. Upon arriving in Nether-Jarquis, his skills as a scout became honed by his frequent forrays into the Feydark and Shadowdark via Nether-Jarquis’ twinned Underdark portals. The leader of the Imperial Knights of the Triangle Ser Fyori Ghis heard tales of his exploits and recruited him to aid in the expulsion of Gnolls from the Green Triangle.

After Gendar’s promotion to Lead Recon-Scout and the following victories over the Gnolls, he turned down the offer of lands and a knighthood from the newly-crowned King Fyori; instead he turned his back on the New Ghis Empire and his adopted hometown of Jarquis to sell trinkets and curios in Saruun Khel’s Seven-Pillared Hall.

Two weeks ago, Gendar hired an adventuring group (a 5-strong party calling themselves Tel’s Hardy Folk) to retrieve a non-magical staff from Saruun Khel’s Cisterns. However, they returned empty-handed and missing a member of their team, a Goliath Monk named Fist. They reported that their group had been ambushed by Duergar and the staff stolen. Fist had been incapacitated and taken hostage. Tel’s Hardy Folk left to retrieve the staff and their companion, and have yet to return.

Angigendarralliphor'frin IV

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