High-Priest Karamac

Leader of an Orcus cult based in Winterhavenholdfell


Full Name: High-Priest Karamac, Scion of Orcus, Captain of the Ninth Order of the Consortium
Alias/es: Karamac
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Cleric/Paladin
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Languages: Common; Goblin; Abyssal


Encountered by the first Shorty’s Avengers under Shadowfell Keep whilst he tried to open the tear to the Shadowfell.

In his employ were two subordinates: Balgron “the Fatts” McFatronfell, a hobgoblin with an army of goblins and kobolds at his command; and Salvana Wrafton, his village spy and the Innkeep at Wrafton’s Inn in the nearby Winterhavenholdfell.

The group stopped his machinations and he was pulled through the rift by an unknown force. It is unsure whether he survived. Balgron was left in an semi-excavated room with no light to see by, and Salvana was last seen being taken into custody by the Wintehavenholdfell guards.

High-Priest Karamac

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