Sergeant Suom'Beth "Munchkin" Letrah of Clan Warbringer

The Second Avenger; a Dragonborn Warlord


Full Name: Sergeant Suom’Beth Letrah of Clan Warbringer
Alias/es: Munchkin (the Common form of his given name); Swamp-Breath (a childhood nickname)
Age: 15 (Looks 30ish)
Gender: Male
Race: Dragonborn
Class: Warlord
Alignment: Lawful Good
Languages: Common; Draconic
Wearing: Bloodcut Hide armor; Horned Helm
Weapon/s: Aecris Chromabane; Heavy Flail
Carrying: Chainmail; Light Shield of Protection; Fylphi’s Bag of Holding


Sergeant Suom’Beth Letrah of Clan Warbringer (also known as Munchkin, and sometimes as his childhood nickname Swamp-Breath), a Dragonborn warlord and battle-commander of Shorty’s Avengers. The literal translation of his Draconic name Suom’Beth is “Halfling of the Yellow-Brick”, while the closest Common form is Munchkin. He left his homeland to search for his missing twin sister Lieutenant Shalandra Letrah (Draconic, lit: “Suet-Balls of Stews and/or Broths"; Common: Dumpling), a paladin of Erathis and emissary of Dyson’s Legion.

Munchkin was arrested for one of the many accidents involving his violent allergies to dust, pollen and domesticated mammals; following his trial, he was imprisoned in Wintermist Penitentiary in the Cairngorm Peaks. He and his fellow travellers were en-route to the newly-established Gravelstoke Correction Facility in the Imperial Capital of Jarquis when a goblin attack left them stranded without guards – he was the second to escape from the cart and witness the corpse of Shorty, giving him the title of the Second Avenger. He peeled the leather armour from Shorty’s still-warm body and stretched it across his gigantic frame. He successfully sold Byranaetr to Lord Ernest “DCBwtC” Padraig for 100gp for “one night’s fun”. Washed dishes for Salvana Wrafton in exchange for three rooms.

Slapstick ensues. Retired to his room and tried to light a candle with his breath attack, with disastrous consequences (natural 20, anyone). Salvana, Fylphi and Byranaetr (who had just returned from her “night of fun”) come running to see what happened. Fylphi looks in first and sees half the Inn missing, so he tries to stall Salvana. Munchkin slaps Fylphi awake after a mishap with a Sleep spell (bloodying him) and drags Salvana downstairs to her chambers. There, they notice a mysterious Mirror and are interrupted by a constable investigating the explosion. Munchkin hides under the bed along with the dust bunnies. A sneeze tears apart the building. They flee the town and head for Shadowfell Keep.

Choreographed an ambush on the Torturer and his Cru. Stole the Torturer’s Bloodcut Hide Armour, and Shorty’s Leather Armour passed to Fylphi. When they find Tallie in a cell in the Keep, Munchkin tried to heal him. Unfortunately, this proved a step too far, as Tallie died and was immediately reanimated. After Byranaetr accidently feysteps into the cell with him, the Avengers are forced to kill him. Munchkin then rediscovers religion during an encounter with Ser Keegan and aids the Avengers in convincing his lingering spirit of their intentions. In proving his worth with his newly-refound religious fervour, Munchkin is gifted Ser Keegan’s magic Longsword Aecris Chromabane. This helps the Avengers gain the upper hand during the fight with Karamac as his ritual draws to a close.

Sergeant Suom'Beth "Munchkin" Letrah of Clan Warbringer

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