Nimozoran the Green

Archmage-Septarch of Fallcrest, Keeper of the Living Tome


Full Name: Nimozoran the Green, Archmage-Septarch of the Fallcrest Mage’s Guild, Keeper of the Living Tome
Alias/es: Nimo (to his close mage friend Vallie)
Age: 68
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Wizard
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Languages: Common; Undercommon; Supernal


Nimozoran the Green is a human Wizard that came to Fallcrest from the east around 5 years ago. He is the current Archmage-Septarch of the Fallcrest Mage’s Guild that he reestablished when he arrived, although membership of the Guild is limited to himself and one apprentice; a dour young Halfling named Toolbar Quickfoot. He and his apprentice reside in the Septarch’s Tower, a seven-sided spire constructed from glittering green stone. He also recovered the Living Tome of Pelor from the rubble of the House of the Sun in Fallcrest only days before an obnoxious and overzealous dwarf Cleric of Pelor moved to the city from Hammerfast and reestablished the temple of the sun god.

Shorty’s Avengers encountered him when they arrived in Fallcrest after leaving Winterhavenholdfell. They sought it out after Byranaetr wished to purchase magical goods to aid them on their latest quest (to Investigate the Seven-Pillared Hall in Saruun Khel). However, after Nimozoran informed them of his inability to sell goods he told them that he would assist them in gathering further information if they would do him a boon – investigate the ruins of Kobold Hall on the outskirts of Fallcrest.

After their successful investigation, the Avengers returned to the Septarch’s tower and were rewarded with information on the ruined Minotaur city of Saruun Khel deep within Thunderspire Mountain, the current civilised hub and trading station within Saruun Khel known as the Seven-Pillared Hall, and the group known as the Mages of Saruun that founded the trading station and civilised hub.

Nimozoran neglected to inform them of his own history as a Mage of Saruun (MoS) along with Valthrun the Prescient before their banishment from the Seven-Pillared Hall and the MoS in case it alter their perception of the quest Valthrun had given them. He did, however, reward the Avengers with the Raise Dead ritual by refining the information they received in Kobold Hall, before using his teleportation circle at the peak of his tower to send them directly outside the entrance into Thunderspire Mountain.

Nimozoran the Green

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