A short-statured prison guard working at Wintermist Penitentiary


Full Name: Humphrey Aegon Bartholomew Garfunkel Jr.
Alias/es: Shorty
Age: 55
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Prison guard
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Languages: Common


The prison guard known as Shorty was rarely seen without his colleague-and-superior known as Tallie. The duo were the favourite guards of the group that became the Avengers and were the two guards that were escorting them from Wintermist Penitentiary to the Gravelstoke Correction Facility in Jarquis. A goblin attack on the prison cart killed Shorty and took Tallie hostage to Shadowfell Keep – the original group took the moniker Shorty’s Avengers not long after their escape from their bonds, and attempted a rescue effort for Tallie on Shadowfell Keep.

The recently-freed Shorty’s Avengers twice passed the corpse formerly known as Shorty, and both times they neglected to bury their dead friend; instead, they left him at the side of the road for the wolves and crows that roam the area. Fylphi still wears Shorty’s Leather Armour to this day.


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