Szartharrax, the Young White

A young white dragon that resided beneath Kobold Hall


Full Name: Szartharrax the Young White, Avatar-potentia of Tiamat, Lieutenant (and temporary Captain) of the Second Order of the Consortium
Alias/es: Szartha
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Race: Dragon
Class: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Languages: Common; Draconic


Long before the arrival of Shorty’s Avengers, Szartharrax had previously been apprenticed to an Elder Blue dragon by the name of Indighast along with his Clan-sister Patronnux the young Green. At some point Indighast and Patronnux had disagreed about something, leading to Patronnux moving on and leaving Indighast and Szartharrax to their devices. When Indighast was hunted down and defeated in battle by a group known as the Angels, Szartharrax fled the battle and regrouped with his Kobold initiates Irontooth and Ironclaw beneath the ruins of Kobold Hall. From there he set about on a quest to resurrect his former mentor through a Raise Dead ritual.

When the Avengers were hired by Archmage-Septarch Nimozoran the Green of Fallcrest to investigate the increased activity around Kobold Hall, they found a garrison of Kobold troops holed up in the ruins. They fought their way through to a room containing the Kobold Twins (‘tooth and ’claw) and two captives (Splug and Ninaran). Having dealt with the Twins and not trusting Splug to not stab them in the back, the Avengers draped the captives across Betty’s head and wandered into the final room.

Szartharrax tried to reason with the Avengers before engaging them in combat, believing himself to be superior in power, and allowed them to figure out why he had commanded his Kobolds to cause so much havoc in the area. The Avengers deduced that Irontooth’s shovel had dug up the bone of Szartharrax’s mentor to be used in a ritual to resurrect him. For information on the ritual they had kidnapped Ninaran, who had just visited Valthrun the Prescient of Winterhavenholdfell to collect a book on rituals for her elven clan in the Harken Forest. Ironclaw and her troops had worked on gaining the remaining components needed from the surrounding area, such as stealing bottled water and gold from trading caravans and Nimozoran’s wall-plaque for the 40kg of iron needed. It appeared that one last thing had been missing – the blood of five differing races. Realising too late that they had brought Szartharrax the necessary components to complete the ritual (assuming that Ninaran had not forgotten anything), Munchkin and Byranaetr engaged the dragon in combat while Betty stashed the captives around the corner.

The Avengers prevailed in battle and returned the wall-plaque to Nimozoran, knowing that Indighast would never be resurrected.

Szartharrax, the Young White

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