The Belgos

The Fifth Avenger; a Drow Ranger from Erelhei-Cinlu


Full Name: Unknown
Alias/es: The Belgos
Age: 55
Gender: Male
Race: Drow
Class: Ranger (Two-handed)
Alignment: Unaligned
Languages: Common; Elven
Wearing: Hide Armour of Resistance; Amulet of Protection – Lotus flower
Weapon/s: Goldie and Irony (Vicious Longsword and Short Sword); Warmonger (Longbow) (30 arrows)
Carrying: Battleaxe; Raunchy Playing Cards (Goblin); Half-eaten block of Ceiling Cheese


A Drow ranger from the Underdark city of Erelhei-Cinlu. Orphaned at a young age, he left the Drow society behind and became sellsword. At some point in his life he contracted Viral Amnesia and forgot who his family were and also his own name. Took the title “Belgos” as his name. He has travelled Prim for many years, fighting in small wars and gaining a reputation for himself, although he has yet to find anybody able to cure his Viral Amnesia (as most people hold that there’s no such thing as tiny invisible creatures in his blood making him forget, it must be a curse of some kind…) The Belgos joins Shorty’s Avengers when they find him in the Halfmoon Inn after returning from one of their forays into the labyrinth.

The Belgos

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