Balgron "the Fatts" McFatronfell

A male goblin Chief of the McFatronfell Tribe.


Full Name: Chief Balgron McFatronfell, Leader of the McFatronfell Tribe, Lieutenant of the 9th Order of the Consortium
Alias/es: The Fatts
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Race: Goblin
Class: Warlord
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Languages: Common; Goblin; Draconic


Balgron’s father, Bundis, had been the third in a line of Goblin Chiefs, in conflict the more traditional idea of having a Hobgoblin as the tribal Chief; Bundis had won the trust of the families that were a part of the McFatronfell tribe. The McFatronfell tribe had become famed over the last 50 years for its Goblin leadership; the hobgoblin families that were a part of the tribe had defended the McFatronfell tribe’s leadership with honour, as had the Bugbear families.

When Bundis died seven years ago in the Cairngorm Peaks, his son Balgron convened a moot of the family heads and requested their allegiance, as is the tradition with all Goblinoid society. Every family head gave their allegiance, whether they were Bugbear, Hobgoblin or Goblin. Balgron commanded the family heads to “lift up roots”; from the barbaric wilds of the mountains where their tribal ancestors the Bloodspear Clan lie in wait, they travelled into the civilized cluster of the Nentir Vale.

They settled three leagues from Winterhavenholdfell in a woodland clearing. They began negotiations with the town, offering labour and protection for citizenship and safety from persecution. One night Balgron was visited by an Innkeep from Winterhavenholdfell who offered him a deal more beneficial to his tribe than any the Lord Padraig could offer; being the progenitors of the new Goblinoid race when the forces of Orcus, the Demon Lord of Undeath, inevitably invade Prim from the Shadowfell.

Balgron accepted the offer and pledged his tribe to become the vanguard for the forces of Orcus. Salvana, the Innkeep that recruited him, introduced him to Karamac, the leader of the Cult of Orcus. Karamac sat with his Lieutenants and informed them of a higher plan; a plan that would begin with the rift beneath Shadowfell Keep opening and them bringing through Ghawl, a Death Titan and Deathpriest Hierophant of Orcus. The plan, he told them, would end with an invasion of the Astral Sea and ascending to Godhood while the Demon Lords tore down the current Pantheon.

- information recorded in the Shadowfell Keep Incident File; Balgron Interview #012

Balgron "the Fatts" McFatronfell

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