Valthrun the Prescient

A middle-aged wizard living in Winterhavenhold


Full Name: Valthrun the Prescient of Winterhavenholdfell
Alias/es: Vallie (to his close mage friend Nimo)
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Wizard
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Languages: Common; Undercommon; Elven; Dwarven


A secretive sage that came to Winterhavenholdfell from the east around 5 years ago, he set up in the old watchtower at the north of the town. He helped Shorty’s Avengers with information about the townsfolk when they first arrived at the town, and then he gave them a quest after their victory over the cultists – investigate Saruun Khel, under Thunderspire Mountain. He then directed the Avengers to his acquaintance residing in Fallcrest, Nimozoran the Green.

Valthrun the Prescient

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