Wendel Halfmoon

A halfling Innkeep from the Seven-Pillared Hall


Full Name: Wendel Halfmoon
Alias/es: “The Icklooist of Saruun Khel”
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Halfling
Class: Innkeep
Alignment: Good
Languages: Common; Undercommon


Due to his parents dying, Wendel was raised from the age of two by his Aunt Ella in the Halfmoon Inn, which she runs in the Seven-Pillared Hall in Saruun Khel. His godfather Berrik, a travelling Bard, visits from time to time and brings him books and scrolls from the outer world.

Has another Aunt that runs the Halfmoon Inn in Fallcrest. She is losing business to a cheaper Inn, the Silver Stag, and will likely have to close down.

The Saruun Khel Enforcers, a militia-constabulary Captained by an Ogre called Brugg, attempt to keep the Law of the Mages within the Hall; yet Brugg abuses his power to bully the weaker inhabitants of the Hall, including Wendel.

Wendel dreams of becoming a Bard like his godfather and travelling the Vale in search of adventures and riches. However, at fifteen it is unlikely that Ella will allow him to leave Saruun Khel, considering that he cannot even stand up for himself within the safety of the Seven-Pillared Hall.

Wendel’s recent encounter with the Bloodreaver Clan was interrupted by the adventuring group known as Shorty’s Avengers, who saved him from a life enslaved by Hobgoblins and Duergar. The encounter with the “heroic” Avengers seem to have awakened a ferocity within Wendel, and woe betide any Enforcers that attempt to intimidate the halfling…

Wendel Halfmoon

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