Aecris Chromabane

The Longsword of Ser Keegan of Winterhavenholdfell

weapon (melee)

Aecris Chromabane:

Magic Longsword; one-handed military melée weapon.

Diamond-set Golden hilt (avec dragon-head pommel, wingéd crossguard and scaled onyx grip) and Platinum blade (inlaid with gold filigree).

Worth: 17,521gp on the Black Market of Saruun Khel’s 7PH; and approx. 2,015gp at any Guild-registered Blacksmith.


+1 Magic Longsword; enhancement to attack and damage rolls, also causes additional 1d6 damage on critical.

Daily Power; free action
When the wielder drops an undead enemy to 0 hit points, the wielder gains 1 healing surge.


The sword was in the possessions of the deceased Bahamut-paladin Ser Keegan, the last of his line. When the lingering spirit of Ser Keegan met with Munchkin, a dragonborn Warlord and worshipper of Bahamut, he perceived a familiar sense of honour that he believed could carry on the sword’s legacy. And thus, the sword passed to Sergeant Suom’Beth Letrah of Clan Warbringer.

Known Owners:
Ser Keegan of Winterhavenholdfell
Sgt. Suom’Beth “Munchkin” Letrah of Clan Warbringer

Aecris Chromabane

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