Ceiling Cheese

A chunk of cheese from Saruun Khel's cisterns


Ceiling Cheese

Mysterious Cheese: hard and tasteless. Half-eaten.

Value: unknown.


A clan of Troglodytes living in Saruun Khel’s cisterns attempted to tear through to the Seven-Pillared Hall. In order to make the job easier, they had their Caster attempt a ritual to Torog to turn the rock between the Hall and their lair into cheese. They then planned to let their pet Griek (an abberant worm-thing of the Grick species) chew his way up through the cheese and into the Hall.

Their plans were discovered by the Cleric of Ioun known as Tumbles. He stumbled into their lair in the cisterns whilst looking for his friend Surina the White, a dragonborn warlock that had disappeared a few days ago. The Caster instantly cursed him with a Troglodyte Silenan’tuichi ritual that prevented him telling what he had seen or where he had seen it.

Eventually Tumbles led the group known as Shorty’s Avengers to the cistern. The group killed Griek and the Troglodytes before the ritual could be completed, yet noticed that there had been a slight transmutation of the rock to cheese. Being unaware of the ritual or its purpose, Byranaetr used her Mage Hand to collect a chunk, and dug through to an underground river above them. The fled the flooding room and retreated to the Hall, where Tumbles filled them in.

The sight of the Ceiling Cheese across the tavern piqued the interest of the Belgos, heralding the arrival of the Fifth Avenger.

Ceiling Cheese

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