Shorty's Leather Armour

A stained leather jerkin peeled from Shorty's still-warm corpse


Shorty’s Leather Armour

Boiled leather jerkin; pierced and stained.

Front fastening; buckles. Bloodstained stab-piercing left lower-ribs. Left pauldron dented, right pauldron missing.

Worth – only sentimental value.


This is the basic leather armour taken from Shorty’s corpse to cover Munchkin’s nakedness after freeing himself from the prisoner transport cart.

It was raggedy even before Shorty inherited it from his predecessor at Wintermist Penitentiary; by the time Munchkin got around to wearing it, most of the protective aspects on the leather had been worn away by years of wear-and-tear.

Once Munchkin had a better-fitting armour set (a Bloodcut Hide Armour taken from the corpse of a Hobgoblin Torturer in Shadowfell Keep) this armour passed to Fylphi, who wears it to this day with pride.

Shorty's Leather Armour

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