The Shovel

A shovel used by Irontooth to exhume Indighast's skeleton


The Kobold Shovel

Basic Kobold Shovel; dented and muddy.

Value: None


This is the shovel used by Irontooth (one half of the Kobold Twins working under Szartharrax) to exhume the skeleton of Indighast.

When the Kobold Twins were encountered by Shorty’s Avengers during their investigations into the activity around Kobold Hall this simple gardening tool was hung from Irontooth’s belt. After Ironclaw (his sister) had been brutally murdered, Irontooth was knocked unconscious by Betty, tied up in the corner by Byranaetr, and interrogated by Munchkin. This interrogation brought about the question “What … is … your … shovel … for?”; the answer to which being a rather bemused “It’s furr diggin’ wiv’.”

It wasn’t until the Avengers had dragged the two captives into the room with Szartharrax the Young White that they witnessed the resources to complete a Raise Dead ritual on the excavated bones of Szartharrax’s deceased mentor Indighast. They then realized that not only had they brought Szartharrax enough people to sacrifice to complete the ritual, but they had ignored the clues all along.

The Shovel

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