Wrafton Mirror

The mirror used by Salvana Wrafton to converse with High-Priest Karamac and the Shadowfell


Wrafton Mirror:

Magic Mirror; magical window tool.

Oval burned wood frame (carved with Barazhad script) and polished steel mirror-plate.

Value: it is unlikely that any Guild-registered merchant would allow such an item across the threshold of their establishment.


Holds the Sending, Planar Sending and View Location rituals:

You convey a mental message of up to 25 words to a person you know. If the target is within range, he or she receives the message mentally and can respond likewise. The ritual’s maximum range is determined by your Arcana check result.

Planar Sending
You convey a mental message of up to 25 words to a person you know on another plane. You must choose a plane when you complete the ritual. If the target is not on that plane, he or she does not receive the message.

View Location
When you perform this ritual, choose a location you have previously visited. The location must be fixed in place (for example, you can’t use this to scry into the cabin of an oceangoing vessel), and it must still be at the same place (and in more or less the same shape) as when you visited. Redecorating a room won’t fool View Location scrying, but destroying a tower and rebuilding it with a different layout would cause the ritual to fail (until you visit the new location). You know if the ritual has failed before you expend any components. This ritual can show you a location anywhere in the world, but it can’t show you a location on another plane.
This ritual creates a scrying sensor—a shimmer in the air—that watchful creatures might notice. Creatures must succeed on a Perception check with a DC equal to 10 + your level to notice the sensor. They can’t disrupt or interact with the sensor in any way.
You can hear through the sensor as well as see, and you have darkvision through it. Use the Perception skill to determine whether you hear quiet sounds or notice unobtrusive things while observing an area through the sensor.
Your Arcana check determines how long the sensor lasts.


This is one of the eight Arcane Mirrors reported to still exist after their creation during the Dawn War. The Twelve Mirrors were based upon the Mirror of Sehanine, which in turn was constructed using the gossamer-surfaced Astral Sea as inspiration. The Mirror of Sehanine was a collaborative work between three deities; Moradin, Erathis and Melora. Together they gifted it to the Moon Goddess after her daughter was doomed to become the Lady of the White Well.

Who constructed the Twelve Mirrors is unknown, only that they appeared into the world after the Sundering of the Blessed Three. Each differed in purpose and materials, and each portrayed quasi-sentience. Eventually some disappeared from the history records, assumed to be broken, until only eight remained. The Keepers of the Great Library at Astrazalian’s Grand College sent forth Shylie after Shylie into Prim and beyond to collect the remaining Mirrors for safekeeping. Not a single Shylie that was sent returned.

This Mirror, known as the Wrafton Mirror after the Inn in which it was discovered, currently connects to two other Mirrors: one that was discovered in the lowest level of Shadowfell Keep, believed to have belonged to the missing leader of a Cult of Orcus; and another believed to be in a the hands Ghawl, a male Death Titan and Deathpriest Hierophant of Orcus located in the Shadowfell.

Wrafton Mirror

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