Tag: NPC


  • Fylphi

    Fylphi considers himself a trickster and a master of disguise. A charismatic rogue from a secluded forest-city, he finds his luck staying hidden in plain sight. His face (while handsome) easily fades into a crowd.

  • Wendel Halfmoon

    Due to his parents dying, Wendel was raised from the age of two by his Aunt Ella in the Halfmoon Inn, which she runs in the Seven-Pillared Hall in Saruun Khel. His godfather [[:Berrik|Berrik]], a travelling Bard, visits from time to time and brings him …

  • Splug Silvertongue

    Splug Silvertongue, a goblin confidence trickster that now uses his charisma and thievery for the forces of good - likes to think of himself as a Robin Hood figure. He was first found in a cell in Shadowfell Keep and was saved from the Torturer's sadistic …

  • Ninaran Moonslayer

    An elven archer from the Elvish community of Harkenheart in the Harken Forest, specifically from the squad known as the Harkenheart Rangers. Her knowledge of a Raise Dead ritual landed her in trouble with a dragon. She was first encountered in …