As the Empire rose in the southern lands, human settlers began to scout northwards towards the Nentir Vale, eventually establishing towns such as Fastormel, Winterhaven and the Harkenwold. The town of Fallcrest was founded around four centuries ago by a Nerathi hero named Aranda Markelhay, when she obtained a charter to settle a keep at the crossing of the King’s Road and the Nentir River. After she had raised the simple tower that became the basis of the Moonstone Keep, the town of Fallcrest sprung up under its protection. Over the next two centuries, Fallcrest grew into a small and prosperous city. It was a crossroads for trade, and the Markelhays ruled it well.

Ninety years ago, when the Bloodspear Clan descended from the Stonemarch and swept over the Vale, Fallcrest was pillaged and burned as their army was defeated. In the decades since the Bloodspear War, Fallcrest has struggled to reestablish itself. The town is a shadow of the former city; little trade passes along the river these days, and the countryside for miles around is dotted with abandoned homesteads and manors from the days of Nerath. However, stirrings of a new imperial power in the south has led to a resurgence of adventurers and traders seeking to reconnect the Nentir Vale’s points of light.

The town is made up from mostly humes and halflings, with tieflings in a close third place.

Lord Faren Markelhay

Full Name: Lord Faren Markelhay of Fallcrest, Warden of the Vale
Alias/es: The Justiciar of the Justice Yard; Lord Warden
Age: 53
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Politician / Judge / Warlord
Alignment: Lawful Good
Languages: Common, Dwarven.

Lord Faren is the hereditary ruler of Fallcrest and Warden of the Vale, a position appointed to Aranda by the Nerathi King that chartered the establishment of Fallcrest. He is in charge of the town’s justice, defence and laws. The Lord Warden appoints a town council to look after routine commerce and public projects.

He was once a member of an adventuring group known as the Justice Yard, where he took the role of Leader under the alias The Justiciar. The once seven-strong Justice Yard disbanded after an incident involving the deaths of many members, and Lord Faren used the event to fake his own death to quit the group before he lost his own life.

Captain Garthel Lightfoot

Full Name: Captain Garthel Lightfoot of the Fallcrest Guard
Alias/es: Thrice-Drowned Garth
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Race: Halfling
Class: Warlord
Alignment: Lawful Good
Languages: Common; Elven; Dwarven

Captain Garthel Lightfoot, a member of a bastard branch of the Halfmoon family, is the right hand of Lord Faren and the leader of the Fallcrest Guard. Her three sergeants take responsibility for the Gates and Bridges in and out of the town, and her private garrison of guards hold the Moonstone Keep. She aspires to reaffirm her family’s place in the Halfmoon lineage by marrying her daughter to one of her distant cousins, thereby securing her futures generations’ wealth and security.

The nickname Thrice-Drowned refers to the three times she has been forced to deal with Harlon, a deaf troll living in the caves to the north of Fallcrest, when he tries to come into town for Hammerfast Market Week. She manages to use diplomacy to turn him away, but not before he has tried to drown her.

Nimozoran the Green

Main article: Nimozoran the Green

Full Name: Nimozoran the Green, Archmage-Septarch of the Fallcrest Mage’s Guild, Keeper of the Living Tome
Alias/es: Nimo
Age: 68
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Wizard
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Languages: Common; Undercommon; Supernal

Tolobar Lightfoot

Full Name: Tolobar Ingrid Lightfoot IV
Alias/es: “Stupid Boy!”
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Race: Halfling
Class: Wizard
Alignment: Neutral
Languages: Common; Undercommon; Elven

Tolobar Lightfoot is a nephew of the Captain of the Fallcrest Guard, and is currently apprenticed as a Junior Wizard to Nimozoran the Green. While a little slow to learn, Tolobar does not lack for enthusiasm for the Arts. However, he does mistrust a great deal of people that he encounters in the Septarch’s Tower, such as when he encountered the adventuring group calling themselves Shorty’s Avengers. After they reclaimed the Tower’s wall-plaque from the kobolds of Kobold Hall, he still mistrusts them and believes that they will lead Fallcrest to its downfall.


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