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The Origins of Prim

The world of Prim is an adapted version of the Points of Light campaign setting. There are subtle differences between the two, such as the changing of some names and the manner of the Fall of Nerath, and some more distinct, such as the length of time since the Fall and the existence of the New Ghis Empire. The area in which the Shorty’s Avengers campaign takes place includes the territories of Nerath before the Fall (Map coming soon).

The term Prim refers primarily to the surface-world of the Material Plane, although since the Fall the term has come to encompass the entire planet. As such, the Underdark of this world is sometimes referred to as Nether-Prim. There exists five known landmasses on Prim: the northwestern continent that the Campaign takes place on was once called Nerallan, although that name was lost when the spread of the Empire of Nerath gave the place the associated name of Nerath; the continent in the northeast, which became known after the Karkoth peoples, was once Odenheim; Vailin, the southeasternly continent bridged to Odenheim by Cernall Crossing, was once the home of the Elven races if Prim known as Albrenn; while the southwestern continent, once called Andir-Qet before it became a part of the Arkhosia of Old, now lies a blighted desert-scape connected to Nerallan by the Straight of Nera; the fifth landmass lies between these four, a relatively small landmass fought over for millenia, known only as The Isle.

For a brief history lesson and for a list of events since the Fall of Nerath can be found here.


Prim: Ages

Prim: Events

The Birth of the World
The Dawn War
The Elven Split
Gith/Illithid Conflicts
The Fall of Cendriane
Arkhosia/Bael Turath Wars
The Quad-Power Wars
The Fall of Nerath
The Birth of New Ghis



  • Shorty’s Avengers
  • Mages of Saruun
  • TA
  • NPC
  • Dyson’s Legion
  • New Ghis
  • Fell Court
  • Bloodspear Clan
  • Blackfang Gnolls
  • Bloodreavers
  • The Consortium

Prim: The Nentir Vale

Prim: The Green Triangle

  • Prim-Jarquis
  • Nether-Jarquis


Prim: The Nentir Vale


  • Shadowfell Keep
  • Wrafton’s Inn


  • Kobold Hall
  • Septarch’s Tower

Saruun Khel

  • 7PH
    - Customhouse
    - Halfmoon Inn
    - Gendar’s Curios and Trinkets
    - Deepgem Mining Co.
    - Duergar Sales Inc.
    - Minotaur Statue
  • Tower of Saruun
  • Chamber of Eyes
  • Demon Well
  • Cisterns


Prim: The Green Triangle


  • Prim-Jarquis
    - Imperial Palace
    - Temple of Wards
    - Chamber of Counsel
    - Great Library
  • Nether-Jarquis
    - Cavern of Portals
    - Temple of Hoards
    - Chamber of Lies
    - Great Armoury

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