The Dusk Age

The briefest of history lessons

The world of Prim is deep in the Dusk Age, scarred and torn from the Great Wars that gripped it at the end of its last Age. The last great Empire has fallen, replaced by tiny pockets of civilization clustered thinly across the ruined landscape. Bandits roam the wilds, terrorizing travelling merchants that protect their wares with deadly force. Cultists preach that the end-days have come and continue to work tirelessly towards bringing their chaotic gods into the world to finish what the Great Wars began. Dragons continue to hoard artifacts, jewels and gold, lying in wait for the next group to rise to glory and desire the wealth and power of the ancients, while never having the agency to take the glory for themselves; the sense of unity that existed within the Draconic empire of Arkhosia would never exist again for long enough to reforge the empire, and no dragon is enough to make it alone. The people of Prim felt the world slowing to a halt.

But there still exists a light in the world – the races of Prim are not so dark as the cultists would have you believe – and the flame can take light in the unlikeliest of places. The Halflings rise, displaying their resilience and versatility, and begin to establish an exchange of goodwill and civility between the points of light. Other races join them: the Tiefling race establish trading posts across the lands, supporting the Halflings’ civility; the Humes rediscover their vigour and begin reclaiming the dark wilds, spreading the civility to the borderlands; the Dwarves, unaffected by the Great Wars in their under-mountain kingdoms, rebuild the associations of the past and reforge the friendships with the surface world.

There are races that withdrew from civilization during the Great Wars that did not reach out to the new ways: the peace-loving Elves had withdrawn to the forests during the Great Wars and would not have survived otherwise; the Dragonborn still wander the lands without any central identity since the fall of Arkhosia; the Eladrin, forever elusive, remain in their Feywild since the fall of the Empire that birthed the Lost City of Cendriane. These races establish open trade, however their unfortunate dealings with other races in Ages passed means they do not easily trust other races.

Now that the points of light on Prim are spreading, the darkness between them are threatened: the dark spawns hostility, and the primitive outcast races of Kobolds, Orcs and Goblinoids begin to establish their own Rules of the Wilds. The Underdark also stirs, sending raiding parties and reconnaissance troops into the wilds and light to settle and spy.

Prim is returning to life, and with life comes the inevitability of conflict.

- Archmage-Septarch Nimozoran the Green, Keeper of the Living Tome

Events of the Dusk Age

The Fall

The first chronological event in the Dusk Age was the Fall of Nerath. It tore the core of civilisation from the world as it stood, and left a gaping maw. The Fall happened fast and hard. It shook the nobles from their perches. The Great Wars ended the same day – only the Gnolls continued their Jihad across the lands of once-Nerath, while the other parties withdrew to their kingdoms of gold and fire.

While the Fall of Nerath happened overnight, the collapse of the Empire took a further decade – a year filled with wars, riots and assassinations, as the workers rose up again and again in defiance of the new unelected leaders that fought over the Nerathi Crown and Chalice.

Blackfang Jihad Begins

Baldric Scarfmaker led his Blackfang Gnolls into open War with civilisation during the last days of Nerath’s fall. Their conquest began in Nera, the decaying capital of the Empire, and they would spend three decades spreading across the remainder of once-Nerath.

Bloodspear War Ends

The war with the Bloodspear Clan of Hobgoblins was the final straw for the Nentir Vale. They swept through the Vale from the Cairngorm Peaks and laid the towns and villages to waste. The remnants of Nerath were too busy dealing with the threat of the the demon-worshipping Blackfang Gnolls and their Jihad to protect the Vale against the dual threat, and the Vale fell to both forces. The remainder of the Nerathi troops in the Vale were decimated.

Fall of Shadowfell Keep


Rebuilding of the Vale


Establishment of the Imperial Knights of the Triangle


Establishment of the Seven-Pillared Hall


Founding of New Ghis


Iron Circle’s Resurrection


Founding of the Angels



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The Dusk Age

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