Shorty's Avengers

The Pre-Betty Saga: Chapter II

The Fylphi Days!


Player Characters:

Non-Player Characters

  • Bastar’ the Torturer
  • Splug (Voice Only)
  • Tallie (Voice Only)

Scene I: A Name is Formed.

Walking toward the Winterhavenholdfell crossroad, Fylphi (now wearing silk clothes stolen from Lord Padraig’s house) makes a confession; he isn’t a paladin and never has been. In fact, he is a rogue with a natural gift for bluffing and stealth. He had posed as a paladin to gain access to the Harken Penitentiary, and a prisoner inside. Having come clean, his cover is now blown and the group is more wary of him. As they reach the King’s Road, they remember their favourite guard (who was always grouped with their second-favourite guard). They remember the carnage of the battle, the smell of blood and the feeling of isolation as they escaped their shackles. They remember the look on Shorty’s crumpled face, and the sound of Tallie’s angry shouts fading into the distance; they make a pledge to avenge Shorty.

As they enter the tree-line they are ambushed by a group of Kobolds, led by their Priest. They are easily outwitted by the newly-formed Avengers, who pick over their bones like vultures: a medallion displaying the symbol of Orcus is taken from the Priest’s corpse and worn as a trophy by Byrony; Munchkin picks up a light shield from a fallen warrior; Fylphi slips on a meagre slab of leather armour over his stylish silken clothes. They continue through the forest, eventually reaching Shadowfell Keep.

Scene 2: Entering the Keep

Shorty’s Avengers creep towards the Keep and, sensing no outer defences, sneak inside. The upper floors of the Keep had collapsed decades ago, and the ground floor opened up like a maw; they realised that whoever were behind this, whether it be Cultists, Goblins or Kobolds, they had been very busy digging.

They crept down the slope into the first basement level, where a large semi-excavated room greeted them. A deep hole took up the most of the room, and they spied a goblin guard facing away from them, throwing food scraps into the pit. The scurrying sounds and the smell informed Bryony that there was a swarm of rats at the bottom. They snuck down the steps into the room and pushed him into the pit to be devoured by the rats, before moving on.

They crept through dank corridors, avoiding guards, using Bryony’s Magelight magicks when the going seemed safe enough to not draw the attention of Shadowfell Keep’s current inhabitants. Using their ears and noses to navigate the Keep, they followed a queer smell to an antechamber with three doorways leading off it – they tried one door to reveal a storeroom, which they immediately looted and used as a base for a short rest. They retreated to the antechamber and listened at the other two doors: behind the eastern door was silence, but the room beyond the northern door was occupied. They set up an ambush.

Scene 3: The Ambush

Munchkin stood in the storeroom and clattered around, smashing his fists into boxes and shelves. The double-doors smashed open and out burst the Goblin Torturer and his minions. Fylphi and Bryony attacked from the shadows either side of the doors: Bryony used her magicks to maneuver the Torturer into the centre of the room, hiding behind the open door; Fylphi bobbed in and out of the shadows, slicing at the minions. A goblin sharpshooter dropped his hand-crossbow upon death, and Bryony used her Mage Hand to pick it up and shoot at the Torturer (with a high level of inaccuracy).

The duo used their abilities to push the goblinoids into the line of the open storeroom doors; Munchkin let out an almighty roar, and sneezed due to the dust billowing around. The sneeze exploded as a powerful Dragonbreath attack at the goblins, charring them in an instant. They moved into the Torture Chamber and took stock of their loot: Munchkin peeled the Bloodcut Hide armour from the Torturer’s corpse and took a rusty spear from the Torture Chamber’s weapons rack; Bryony gained a dagger, a bunch of keys and any money that she could scavenge from the pockets of the fallen soldiers; Fylphi gained the heavily-worn Shorty’s Leather Armour and the hand-crossbow.

Barred the doors, posted sentries and slept until fully rested, the first extended rest since leaving the prison almost 22 hours ago. On the second day of their new lives, they awoke to the sound of a whispered argument between a goblin and a familiar voice.


Warryn Warryn

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