Shorty's Avengers

Pre-Betty Saga: Chapter IV

The Fylphi Days!


Player Characters:

Non-Player Characters

Scene I: Goblins, Spiders and Rest (oh my!)

As they descend they are met with a group of goblins that require a Passphrase – after successfully reciting the phrase, the group is then asked the purpose of their visit. Trying to bluff their way through the encounter fails and the goblins attack, along with their spider (much to Munchkin’s chagrin). They defeated the guards and continued to battle their way through the McFatronfell Barracks until Byronaetr feystepped through a portcullis into a room filled with goblins and the Goblin Warchief, Bill Reaver. After killing the goblin troops and the Warchief, with Fylphi claiming the Warchief’s Vicious Shortblade, they took a short rest and then continued on throug the Keep.

Taking a turn further down the excavated tunnels they came across a gelatinous cube which devoured Munchkin before being sneezed apart from the inside. Around the corner they encountered the crypt and lingering spirit of Ser Keegan who recognised the budding honour within Sergeant Suom’Beth Letrah, and passed the legendary blade Aecris Chromabane to him. With the old knight’s legacy accompanying them, they continued their search for Hgih-Priest Karamac.


Warryn Warryn

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