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Confronted by two goblins and their pet spider. Had a brief rest in a store room. Snuck into goblin barracks and dispatched some troops, then sneaked around behind more troops. Bryony feystepped into danger through a portcullis and into a room with a hobgoblin Warchief. Fylphi acquires his vicious shortsword. Munchkin is eaten by a Gelatinous Cube. He kills the cube from the inside with a sneeze. Fylphi finds a safewing amulet in a chest, then find Ser Keegan: Munchkin gains Aecris.

Enter area with statues: Fylphi is trapped by angels, Munchkin is forced into the range of the warrior statue by the dragons, and Bryony casts a fire spell to smash the vases. Munchkin smash! Fylphi escapes the cherubs and disables the warrior statue. Move into the Ghoul Warren; Karamac’s Clay Scout (homunculus) escaped, SA kill all zombies and the ghoul, before following the homunculus into the Cathedral of Shadow.

The group kill the vampires, Orcus underpriest and Dark Creeper and climb down the chains to the Hall of the Shadow Rift (Bryony takes Fylphi’s safewing amulet to make the jump to the chain easier). After descending they fight the skeletons that protect Karamac and try to stop the ritual. Bryony uses her knowledge of the arcane to slow down Karamac’s progress with his ritual, while Munchkin uses his knowledge of religious chanting to weaken Orcus’ hold on the area. Fylphi shares out the Bahamut statues he found earlier, which they use to stop the ritual for good. Munchkin lands the killing blow on the High-Priest, only to witness the hand of something huge reach through the closing portal and drag Karamac through to the Shadowfell. The Avengers loot the room.

They return to Winterhaveholdfell and witness Salvana being taken into custurdy. They visit Valthrun the Prescient at his request and are given a quest – to investigate the ruined Minotaur city of Sharuun Khel in Thunderspire Mountain, and bring back tales of wonder for a dying man. Shortly thereafter, Fylphi left the Avengers Nd was replaced by Betty (a much better addition to the team, after Fylphi’s bungling attempts at dexterity), and they were hired by Lord Ernest “Dirty Cheating Bastard with the Clap” Padraig to investigate the Bloodreaver clan, a group of slavers. Leave for Sharuun Khel

In Fallcrest, Nimozoran the Green agreed to impart information on their quest (given by Valthrun) in return for a favour – information on the mysterious activity around Kobold Hall. There, they were reacquainted with two previously encountered characters (Splug and Ninoran) while clearing out Kobold Hall of it’s kobold inhabitants and their Draconic overlord attempting to raise his former master. Upon returning to Nimozoran’s tower in Fallcrest with information on Szartharrax, along with Nimozoran’s missing wall-plaque, Shorty’s Avengers were granted access to limited information from the wizard’s library about Saruun Khel, the ruined Minotaur city beneath the mountain known as Thunderspire. They were also sent (by means of a teleportation circle) to the valley leading into the mountain.

Upon entering the labyrinthine city they encountered a halfling called Wendel being trapped by members of the Bloodreaver clan – the Avengers were quick to jump in and rescue the poor lad, and they escorted him back to his Aunt’s Tavern/Inn in the 7PH, the civilised centre of the inhabited labyrinth. From there, they met Gendar, a Drow from Down Under[dark]; Brugg, an ogre and enforcer of the laws of the Mages of Saruun that seems to enjoy pushing around certain members of the Halfling community; a “wandering” halfling bard called Berrik that seems to have some kind of rapport with Wendel’s aunt; a sage called Saint “Tumbles” Vadriar that was cursed somewhere in the labyrinth, whose curse forbids him from telling the exact nature of the curse; and a guide Terrlan Darkseeker who was cursed with Lycanthropy somewhere in the labyrinth. They heard of a female Dragonborn warlock recruiting people for an assault into the Underdark (probably not the best place to be doing this); Clan Grimmerzhul, a group of Duergar that have been mining and trading in the area; and the Deepgem Mining Company, a group of Dwarves looking for treasures from the Minotaur civilisation that tore itself apart 500 years ago (the Avengers also noticed some mining equipment belonging to the Deepgem Mining Company seemingly abandoned in the cisterns).

They defeat the aberrant Grick (or Griek), the troglodyte maulers Sully and Craig along with their Ritual Caster Dick. Managing to ascertain that the troglodytes were attempting to bring down the ceiling, the Avengers notice that parts of the rock have been transformed into cheese. Mining into the cheese with her Ghost Hand, Bryony “the Byronator” Lightfingers manages (at the suggestion of her associates) to widen a crack to the underground river coursing through from the 7PH above. Paying no mind to the obvious danger they had caused, and continuing on, they return to the 7PH having successfully cured both Terrlan Darkseeker of his Lycanthropic curse and Tumbles of his “Sylen’an Twichi” curse.
They returned to the Halfmoon Inn to find out about the Cheese Ceiling from anybody who knows about rituals or curses – this anybody happened to be Tumbles. During the conversation, they piqued the interests of a fellow patron (who is known as The Belgos, real name unknown). The Belgos joins their group, and they leave the Inn for the Chamber of Eyes. On the way out of the 7PH, they notice Tumbles and Berrik speaking heatedly about the disappearance of their associate, the female Dragonborn warlock Surina. Upon much stumbling around in the labyrinth, they finally find the Chamber and break in, decimating the troops of the first room of the Bloodreaver compound.

Current time & date: 2.50pm; 3rd of First Reap, 100 AN (After Nerath) called the Year of the Unshackled Dentist in the last printed Nerathi Almanack. It is five days after the death of Shorty and the escape of the first Avengers.


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